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    MONKEYS in the ARCTIC?! whats next, vampires on the weekend?!

    but imagine if there were dragons

    you punks are all so daft

    Somebody help there’s panic at the disco!

    someone call the sons of mumford!

    you still go to discos? what year do you think this is, the 1975?!

    I havent gone to a disco since I stormed the bastille???? You all need to get with the times.

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    Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington and Austin Carlile


  4. "WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SLICE THEIR PALM TO GET BLOOD. do you know how many nerve endings are in your hand?!?! why don’t they ever cut the back of their arm or their leg or something omfg"

    me everytime a character in a movie has to get a few drops of their blood for some ritual bullshit  (via jtoday)

    WHILE WE’RE AT IT, why do people try to cross those skinny bridges over lava/chasms/whatever by walking upright. IT’S CALLED CENTER OF GRAVITY. get on your hands and knees and crawl across that thing. HUG IT. SCOOT YOUR BUTT ACROSS. “but i look stupid!” lalalala but we’ll avoid that ~dramatic moment~ where you almost fall over and die because your damn fucking self wanted to look COOL

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    and stop yanking IV lines out of your arms the minute you wake up in the hospital 

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    That is a broadsword, why are you fencing with it

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    There is probably an easier way in than shattering glass.

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    and when you come home to find your previously locked door ajar leading you to suspect there’s a dangerous intruder in your house don’t call out “Hello?”

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    And actually search the bloody room! Don’t just walk past the intruder that’s behind you and look around wondering where that noise is coming from. Look behind doors, look inside closets. Actually case the motherfucking room like you are the SWAT team.

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    My cat brought us a present today.  I have never seen a rabbit SO angry. 

    ****He was set free 10 minutes after being caught, photographed, and driven to a nearby field :)

    "Fuckin cat thinks I’m a fuckin chew toy. Fuckin humans puttin me in a fuckin box with a fuckin carrot like its gonna make this WHOLE SITUATION SO MUCH FUCKIN BETTER! DO I LOOK LIKE BUGS BUNNY TO YOU, FUCKER?!?"

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    bye mom

    This needs to be in the post with all the gateways to hell.

    um what

    you must be new here


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    best of John during his Q&A in the comments of “RUN" (august 14th, ‘14)


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    toast annoys me so much cos like it’s bread that’s been toasted so we call it “toast” but if you fry a potato it’s not called a “fry”


    do you ever look back at your mistakes

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  10.  Rihanna - Diamonds (Acoustic)


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